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Learn American STEAMcourses in English at home

  • STEAM is an educational concept

    The key concept is to use integrated learning to break the barriers between subjects.

  • STEAM is an abbreviation of 5 words

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.

  • STEAM is not a simple addition of 5 subjects.

    It is the implementation of an interdisciplinary way of thinking.The usage of a single skill can no longer sustain the development of future talents.

  • Learn American STEAM courses in English at home. You will learn more than just the language.

    The first interactive and fun content-based language instruction within the interdisciplinary learning environment. Students will be able to understand-to analyze-to solve-to reflect on real-life questions/problems within an English language environment.

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All teachers are equipped with rich online and offline teaching experience



Small class formats enable kids to interact with peers for better learning results



Language and content-specific parallel curriculum inspires kids to learn more


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